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Julita Jakubczak  &  Małgorzata Przydanek

We have been active in translation business for nearly ten years as project managers, translators, proofreaders as well as coordinators of large projects implemented in cooperation with various translation agencies. We have gained extensive experience and learned to love our jobs and explore the knowledge and secrets of this specialist field with passion and commitment. The methodology of operation we have developed throughout these years, procedures ensuring high quality of translation, proofreading carried out in several stages – all these features enable us to provide top quality translations from English into Polish.

The experience and skills we have acquired while working in the translation and localization business for many years allow us to make the claim:

Even very good translator with extensive experience sometimes makes mistakes. There is only one way to eliminate this risk. It’s called: team work.

Only thanks to team work – cooperation of two translators, proofreaders translating only into their native language provide to minimize the risk of mistakes.

Such a procedure enables us to proofread texts in several stages checking whether they are complete and rendered correctly, taking into consideration the culture, register and language location. It ensures that the rules of Polish language as regards style, grammar, spelling and punctuation are preserved.


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